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Become an instant Bruce Lee insider, using Bruce Lee JKD app as your gateway to The Dragon. Bruce Lee's best friend and highest-ranking JKD student, Taky Kimura, reveals personal stories about Bruce's humble beginnings and rise to becoming a legend. These untold stories are exclusive to the iBruceLee App.

In addition, instructional examples of JKD basics and advance combinations are presented with clear descriptions, detailing the techniques of Bruce Lee's unmatched martial arts. Use Shake and Share to reveal Bruce Lee's most famous quotes. With just the shake of your phone, a inspirational quote will be revealed that you can share with your social network.

Influencer. Philosopher. Teacher. Legend. Hero. Bruce Lee JKD.


  • 14 never before told stories of Bruce Lee
  • Personal accounts from Taky Kimura, Bruce's best friend
  • 97 inspirational Bruce Lee quotes powered by Shake and Share feature
  • Video footage of when Bruce was in Seattle, WA
  • Favorite hang out spots
  • Where he trained
  • His favorite restaurant
  • Where he taught his first students
  • 7 JKD basic movement tutorials
  • Wing Chun footwork
  • Chain punches
  • Chi Sao sensitivity drill
  • Kicks
  • 13 JKD combinations & instruction
  • Pak Sao
  • Lop Sao
  • Chop Choi Gwa Choi
  • Jao Sao
  • HD quality video & professional voiceover coaching

Experience Bruce Lee's legacy like never before. Know the stories, learn the techniques, inspire others by sharing his wisdom. Discover The Dragon within you.

Dear Friend,

It is an honor to be here now and talk about my best friend; he has helped and inspired me. As my best buddy, Bruce would say to be true to yourself and be the best you can be..... "Walk On."




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